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Sharing any part of your property with any type of Rodent can cause many types of issues, spreading disease, and causing damage to your property. Rodents are very adaptable. They are usually small with robust bodies, with razor sharp incisor teeth. The incisor teeth never stop growing, so they must gnaw and chew regularly to keep the teeth in check. 

Rodents use scent marking in communicating, marking food trails and territories. House mice use urine deposits containing pheromones for group recognition and social structure.

There are certain things to look for if you suspect a rodent issue within your property. Noises from within walls and ceilings, including roof spaces/lofts. Things to look for are, droppings, size can determine what rodents you are probably dealing with. Mice droppings are small in size usually dark in color, 2-3mm in length. They leave smear marks, and build nests within cavity walls, ceilings, lofts. You may also discover gnaw/chew marks.

Rats droppings are 10-20mm in length, usually dark in color. Again they leave greasy smear marks behind, chew often. Grey squirrels usually nest within roof spaces, cavity walls. You will be well aware you have an issue due to the noise they create. They are very noisy inhabitants, there droppings usually a round shape. Also gnaw regularly. So if you suspect you have a rodent issue, its time to call in a professional. You and other occupants are at risk of disease, and in some cases death. With the very high potential of a fire breaking out due to chewed electrical cables and pipe work. 

Here at Pest-Techz we can deal with most rodent issues, domestic or commercial. Best of all we offer these treatments at an affordable cost. For more information, please contact Alison.

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