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Dead Animal Removal.

Not a very nice sight for most people discovering a dead pest on or in your property. With the added stress of not being able to touch or remove it yourself, can become upsetting. The longer its left the more it decomposes, bringing with it, foul smells, spread of disease and causing the attraction of other pests.

Pest-Techz dead pest removal service is done so by specialists. We can be with you same day usually within 1-2 hours, quickly remove the dead pest regardless of size and dispose of it safely, letting you and your property return to normal with minimum disruption.

If you are having a rodent treatment from us and dead pests are discovered, then this service is included free as part of that treatment.

So if you have a dead pest issue at your premises, or would like more information on this, then please call Alison on 07746307885. We are always happy to help in anyway we can.

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