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Bird Removal.

Birds are magnificent in their natural habitat. Though a very different matter when in the wrong place and in numbers. This is when  they become a nuisance. However, there are legislative implications with any actions committed that affect bird species here in the UK, governed by the 'wildlife and countryside act' (1981). 

Here at Pest-Techz we comply with all the legislation set out in the 'wildlife and countryside act' (1981).

It's important to understand that ALL wild bird species, including their nests and eggs are protected by law here in the UK. Any offences against this legislation may well lead to an unlimited fine and prosecution of all involved. We all should be able to avoid the breeding season from March through to August limiting any harm coming to the birds, and using methods to deter rather than to harm them.

It's always best to avoid bird issues by carrying out preventative measures. Bird netting is a favorite, with also scaring, or using a trained hawk for larger issues. Proofing measures also reduce the need for more complex control issues.

There are certain nuisance bird species that can be dealt with legally for the following reasons. To conserve wild birds. To preserve public health, and safety. To preserve air safety. To prevent severe damage and diseases.

Only the birds listed within the relevant general license can be removed, and to be done only by a Qualified person. If the bird/s in question are not on the general license you will be advised of this, and further information will be provided, and any special license required can be applied for on your behalf.

Our recommendations are there to help you create a non attractive environment for the pest birds on your property. You must understand that before using a lethal form of control, you must have made every possible attempt to try and persuade them to move to another location.

We will always give honest and professional advice regarding any bird issues you have. So if you have an issue or would like more information regarding bird control and removal, please contact Alison on 07746307885. We are always happy to help any way we can.

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